H5 Video PlayerTM

A versatile player based on HTML5

Maximize the potential of your presentation

Ever held a lecture, a presentation or a key note address that you thought should be seen by a bigger audience? Ever felt restricted by the size of an auditorium, or by geographical limitations, wanting to reach out to a wider group of people?

Houdini provides the solution, putting you on a global stage, by giving you the ultimate tool to package your presentations, and distribute them to a world-wide audience. Introducing H5 Video PlayerTM, the next generation of online presentations: video and slideshows, in sync, fully searchable.

H5 Video Player™ is a highly versatile tool that can help you maximize the potential of many different types of presentations:

  • Key-note addresses
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Product launches and presentations
  • Internal training
  • PR initiatives

Key features:

  • Capture your presentations on video for the Internet, just like YouTube!
  • Expand your presentations with slides and still images!
  • Make multiple videos accessible through a single menu!
  • Make your presentations fully searchable by indexing key words!
  • Add and edit subtitles, to make your presentations easier to follow!
  • Customize the look-and-feel, ensuring full brand identity compliance!
  • Maximize impact by switching to fullscreen mode!
  • Provide additional material via downloadable documents!
  • Bookmark important passages in your presentations!
  • Keep your presentations up-to-date by including live data such as stock quotes etc!
  • Go viral by letting users tip others with a single click!
  • Distribute worldwide by embedding the presentation on your own website, completely hassle-free!

H5 Video PlayerTM

Exemplified functionalities

H5 Video PlayerTM


H5 Video PlayerTM

Specification chart

Basic Player

  • Branded in company profile.
  • Video content synchronised with presentation slides.
  • You can have as many videos you like and all are selectable from a menu.
  • Pdf- material or other relevant docs is available to download from under the slideswindow.
  • Functionality of being able to add bookmarks of interesting parts.

Content provided by client

  • Company profile
  • Logo in eps-format
  • Title for every film
  • Title/position for every person
  • Powerpoint images
  • If we don’t record the material then it must be delivered to us. On tape or digital format

Advanced Player

As above +

  • Ability to share the whole presentation or just the bookmarked places. (This calls for more from the client as we need to confirm server calls and script availability on their side.)
  • Searchable video.
  • Possibility to add subtitling to the videopresentations.

Advanced Player

As above +

  • Server information for scripts to handle emails for the tip-function.

H5 Video PlayerTM


Type Branding Synched PPT Tip a friend Bookmark Sharing Search Subtitles Price Extras
Basic* 12 000 SEK
(30 min video)
Add 1500 SEK per each 30 min for PPT sync.
Advanced* 22 000 SEK
(30 min video)
Add 1500 kr per each 30 min for PPT-synch.

Add approx 130 kr per min for transcription of speeches. Needed for subtitles and search.**


Event video team

Filming of event and the surrounding discussions. Making interviews and taking statements from visitors and participants.

Memorandum film

Editing of a film summarizing the event. Containing interviews, part of keynote speakers and visitor statements.

Interview edits

Interview edits. Editing of interview clips. Can be done on site or afterwards.


When used for educational purposes recording may demand a studio environment. We supply everything needed.

* One installation of the player can be used for as long time as desired. No monthly costs. Additional video can be added afterwards.
** This is done by a translation agency. For example Ordkedjan. www.ordkedjan.se . If client does this himself there is of course no extra cost.